Designers 👋 Help nocoders with awesome website templates

You love TailwindCSS 2 and want to help Pazly users make amazing websites? This is a guide to initiate you in making templates for Pazly.


Founder of Pazly

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Build visually editable templates for creators

Start with this simple kit on Github. You will get a starter HTML file and a detailed guide on how to make editable blocks and elements

Why build Pazly templates?

✅ You help a growing community of creators build amazing websites with nocode ✅ You set your price for your work. Pazly does not apply any sales commissions ✅ You get great discounts on Pazly Pro memberships so you can test your work Read the how-to guide on Medium

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Website templates to inspire you

Here are some examples of landing page templates. They are meant to be used in Pazly - a nocode landing page builder.

Happy Plants (App) Darkmode Template

A website template describing a small community app.

Webcolab Website Template

A website template describing a customer success agency.

Experts Darkmode Template

A website template describing a small digital marketing agency.

Tools to help you get started

Pazly: Build websites for your ideas. Coding skills not needed.

Drag and drop website blocks and build beautiful responsive landing pages. Explore 3600+ web blocks combinations.


Stunning hero images for your website templates

A nocode tool that allows you to compose fantastic looking hero images for every website, lightning fast. Download in both PNG and JPEG