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Build fast without coding. Own and sell what you build. Simply drag and drop editable components to build beautiful responsive websites.


Who is it for? Check out some use cases

for freelancers

As an artist, I want an easy way to showcase my work to the world. With Pazly, I don't need coding skills.

1 Pazly websites work with both Web3 and Web2

No matter if you build for the traditional web or for the blockchain based Web3, with Pazly you can easily create a landing page for your project.

2 No coding skills required

Quickly build a first draft based on the initial ideas. Pazly Pro offers a large set of editable blocks. The templates are also very easy to use and customize.

3 Unlimited changes. Simple pricing

Based on my customer's feedback, I re-open my webpage in Pazly and make the necessary changes for a better market fit. Now I stand out from the endless marketplace list.

for startups

Our startup has a great pitch and now it's time for an awesome website. Here's our 3 steps process:

1 Extend the pitch

We detail our elevator pitch into a one page description of the problem we want to solve, our solution, method and who we are.

2 Building our landing pages with Pazly

Based on the extended pitch we use Pazly Pro to build multiple variations of our landing pages. Pazly templates save a lot of time. This helps us A/B test and research our customer niche.

3 Choosing the champion

We analyse which of the pages performs best and use Pazly to make the necessary adaptations. There's no vendor lock-in. We own our website and can choose a hosting provider that allows us to easily scale.

Own what you build. Compatible with all hosting services.

Pazly was made to help people who want to create websites, but don't want to deal with the complexity of markup, styling and coding.

There is no platform lockin. You truly own what you build. At the moment Pazly does not offer its own hosting . The websites you build are compatible with every hosting service provider.

welcome back

Unlimited websites
Premium customisable blocks (100+)
Save & Open websites on your computer
Exclusive templates in the marketplace
SEO Metatags Tools

Launch Pazly

Affordable pricing for premium websites

Try before you buy
Get a feeling if Pazly is for you

Basic customisable blocks (only 35)
Save websites on your computer
3 Built-in templates

No registration needed.
Limited components and functionality.

start free

no cc needed
$6.99 / month

Has all the cool stuff

Unlimited websites
Premium customisable blocks (160+)
Save & Open websites on your computer
Exclusive templates in the marketplace
SEO Metatags Tools
Custom scripts
Custom attributes for CMS bindings

10 days free trial (no cc needed)
Cancel any time

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new Build a decentralized website with just drag and drop.

We've affiliated with Unstoppable Domains so you can build the web of tomorrow as easy as drag and drop.
Do you want a decentralized website on Web3?

Step 1: Get a crypto domain


Step 2: Download one of the templates below, customize it with Pazly and follow the easy publish guide. You'll be on Web3 in no time without coding.

new Templates are editable with Pazly free and Pro.

Happy Plants (App) Darkmode Template
Webcolab Website Template
Experts Darkmode Template
Experts Pastel Template
Creator/Freelance Bundle
(3 Templates)
Aparthotel Bundle (2 Templates)

Need more? Get awesome website templates customisable in Pazly Pro

Download from hero

Join a growing community of people who share your passion for building websites visually

Posting news and demos on twitter first because our messages are short and sweet.

Frequently asked questions

◈ Does Pazly offer hosting?

No, Pazly does not offer hosting, because we believe in your freedom of choice when it comes to your website’s domain name and hosting provider. However we have easy to follow guides for publishing your websites on host and domain providers we consider trustworthy. Please see the documentation

◈ Can I sell the websites I make with Pazly?

Yes, we encourage you to do so. Please make sure you make significant changes to your websites. Selling the templates or HTML components without modification is not permitted.

◈ What is the best way to communicate with Pazly?

Twitter is our main communication environment. Follow us at https://twitter.com/pazlydev For technical questions, it is best to direct message us on Twitter if your questions are not answered by this page. We are super happy to hear about everything you create with Pazly. Tag your work with #madewithpazly

◈ Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. You will have access to your account until your current subscription expires. Once the subscription is cancelled, you will not be charged next month.

◈ Can I request a refund?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our product, we do not offer full or partial refunds. The Pazly Pro account offers you 10 days of free use (no credit card information required) in which we hope you can understand the benefits of Pazly.

◈ What happens to my websites once I canceled my subscription?

Everything you build with Pazly belongs to you. You can use the websites as you wish. Please do not sell templates and HTML components without significant modifications.

Got more questions about building or billing?
Please read Pazly's documentation docs.pazly.dev
Please also use the contact form in the documentation - billing section.
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