Build websites for your ideas
Coding skills not needed

Drag and drop UI components and build beautiful responsive websites. Use Pazly to explore web component combinations, add custom text and images. Preview the mobile and desktop screens.


Are you a future entreprenour, marketer, innovator or
just want to see if your idea could be successful business? Then Pazly is for you.
Build websites in minutes for your clients or your own projects.


It takes seconds to compose different layouts. Experiment with building beautiful landing pages, dashboards and article designs.

Easy to use

Drag and drop components and start customising. Download the compiled HTML and CSS and add your final touches.


We plan to make hundreds of components including: Headers, Articles, Hero Blocks, Pricing Sections, Forms, ... and many more

Open to integrations

Pazly is open to many sorts of integrations that help you make better, more functional websites.

The easiest website builder you've used.
Need some inspiration? Try these free templates.



A new interpretation of the Pazly website including subscription forms


Interior Design

A experiment with building a website for an interior design company



An experiment exploring various implementations of UI cards

Pazly is free

I made Pazly to have a bit of fun and help people who want to create websites and have little knowledge of how to do so.

In the future, Pazly will offer both free and premium versions. Follow the project on twitter or facebook for weekly updates.

If you want to buy me a coffee I thank you very much. It will help me stay motivated and build more cool features.

ice cream
Join a growing community who share your passion for building websites visually. Follow us for updates about the upcoming Pro version.

We post news and demos on twitter first because our messages are short and sweet.

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