Getting Started with Pazly

Everyone is online these days. Whether business or freelancer, we all need a compelling website that best describes us and our work. Pazly is an online tool that helps you make beautiful, compelling websites by combining and customizing a set of growing components. There are 3 principles you must remember: 1. Drag and drop from the left 2. Edit on the right 3. Preview in the middle

Let’s look at these in depth

1. Drag and drop from the left

On the left side of the screen there are searchable components. This list is growing every week. Look for the component you need by scrolling over the list or searching for a component or type of components using the search box.

Once you found the component you want to use, drag it in the preview window (in the middle). This will enable the editing options on the right. If you do this multiple times, the last component that is dragged in the preview will be selected for editing.

2. Edit on the right

Once you place a component in the preview section (in the middle), a multitude of editing options are displayed on the right.

There are many options for editing background colors, text color, content and alignment, as well as image sources and links.

IMPORTANT When hovering your mouse over editing options, please observe the pink selection in the preview section. This selection indicates which element inside the components will get the editings you make.

IMPORTANT Every component has generic editing options available on the top of the editing panel. Example: Component Background.

3. Preview in the middle

The preview section in the middle allows you to see your website in progress as it would look on a laptop screen and on a mobile screen. When you drag multiple components in the preview screen, click on the one you wish to edit. This will enable the editing option for your selected component.

When hovering with your mouse over editing options on the right, the elements that are edited will be highlighted through a pink rectangle in the previous section.